Unseelie Glamour Bombs

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Ever get tired of sparkles and think "bring on the blood"? Ever want to really, deeply, darkly disturb reality? Ever want to make a grown adult check under their bed? Drive someone raving mad? In short, have you ever wanted to do a glamourbomb that wasn't nice?
The fey are not always nice, but sometimes people like to think they should be. Unseelie fey are anarchic, ferocious, at times even bloodthirsty or malicious. They are sometimes avengers and protectors, but mainly they're just not very nice. They eat babies.

This community is here because sometimes you just need to spook the bejeezus out of someone without being told "that's not very nice! :(", but please stop short of causing actual harm.
X-posting is encouraged, I don't want to steal traffic from the other non-specialised GB comms.
Saying things like "that's not very nice! :(" is discouraged. Obviously. Fighting, derision & drama will not be tolerated; just because the glamourbomb may not be nice doesn't mean the glamourbomber shouldn't be.
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